“Hunger is not better than we are, it is not bigger than we are, and it is not beyond us to solve.”

Featuring innovative leaders from government, industry and nonprofit organizations, Food First is a platform for sharing ideas and, more importantly, solutions to end food insecurity. Dr. Knight is a tireless advocate, believing that Michigan, the nation’s second most diverse agricultural state, can prove that hunger is not better, not stronger, and not smarter than us.

Driven by the unfathomable belief that we can, together, solve hunger in Michigan, Dr. Phil Knight serves as the executive director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan (FBCM). This statewide nonprofit organization provides leadership to the state’s food banks and improves access to nutritious food for over 1.6 million Michiganders.

Dr. Knight also serves as an adjunct professor in psychology, philosophy, counseling, and cultural issues. He is the author of “The Diamond Life,” a leadership workbook designed to grow the next generation of leaders from within an organization, and hosts a weekly show, Leadership Lowdown, on the Michigan Business Network.

His passion for ending hunger began in 1994 with work in East Africa. He led efforts to build the first schools, medical clinic and community health centers in the Bavuma Islands of Lake Victoria, Uganda, East Africa.  Over the course of nine years, Dr. Knight learned that having enough food is only part of the solution to ending hunger.

His work from 2003 to the present includes success in conflict resolution and teambuilding, lobbying, political campaign strategy and fundraising, trade association establishment and management, and international leadership development. His leadership has garnered new strategic partners, resulting in game-changing advances and successful mentoring relationships.

 A voracious reader, Dr. Knight enjoys a spirited discussion. He is an avid golfer and loves spending time up north with his wife, Christy.