The mission of the Food Bank Council of Michigan is to create a food secure state.

Michigan will become a food secure state when each person has access to proper nutrition acquired by dignified means.


The BluePrint details how the Food Bank Council of Michigan will accomplish this work.

Food Security: An Attainable Goal

The BluePrint to Solve Hunger in Michigan is the bold belief that creating food security across Michigan is possible. The board of directors of FBCM believe this mission is within our reach based on the following logical assertions:

Cost Effective

There is plenty of food in Michigan and food is cheaper than money,  so the solution is cost effective.

High Return On Investment

The ROI from the FBCM network with federal, state and private monies is extremely high. Once food security is realized in Michigan, business profits, education outcomes soar, communities win and healthcare becomes affordable.


Food security is both a national security and moral dilemma. Obesity in young adults and “we can so we should” are both compelling positions in this conversation.

Data Projects

The BluePrint is driven by several data projects, including three implemented by the FBCM:

  • Michigan Mapped is a collaborative project with Dr. Stephen Borders, PhD, MSHP, to create a map of Michigan indicating where food insecurity exists.

Others data projects include:


The BluePrint values innovative pilots while keeping our network focused on their strengths.

  • My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery is a small business model that provides food purchase options in food desert communities at a value of $1.40 for $1 spent.
  • Individually Quick Frozen food rescue project saves millions of pounds of fresh frozen produce from being sent to landfills and creates year-round access to nutritious food.
  • Employee Resource Network establishes partnership between employers and the FBCM network to ensure access to food for employees who experience food insecurity.
  • Business Integration models create working relationships with entities previously partnering with FBCM as a charity. The businesses include hospitals, health insurance, physicians, nurses and utility companies.
  • In-School Pantries partner with alternative high schools to create food security for students and communities, as well as service learning projects for students.
  • Food for Thought on WJR (760-AM) is the only news talk programming in America that discusses issues, challenges and opportunities associated with the objective of creating statewide food security.
  • Michigan Agricultural Surplus System is a grant from the State of Michigan to purchase #2s (B-grade produce) from Michigan farmers.


The creators of the BluePrint recognize that history teaches us that nothing of significance ever happens alone.

Therefore, the FBCM yearns to collaborate with those who share our pain, our priority and our payment in this great mission of creating food security. The BluePrint outlines our collaborative process by answering two vital questions:

  1. Who Wins When We Win?
  2. Who Needs Us and Who Do We Need?

The answers to these two questions along with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need guide us in our efforts to find the best partners to complete this mission of creating a food secure Michigan.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need

Maslow developed the Hierarchy of Need pyramid to explain that people are motivated to achieve certain needs and that some needs take precedence over others. Our most basic need is for physical survival, and this will be the first thing that motivates our behavior. Once that level is fulfilled, the next level up is what motivates us and so on.

The Hierarchy of Need causes us to realize the importance, priority and need of creating food security. John Maxwell writes, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  The hard rock, stone cold, bottom line truth is no one is listening to us as we strive to help them when they are hungry! Because if you are hungry, you only have one problem!

Food Security must become the immediate and first priority in all our social thinking, programs and outreach.

Two things I want you to grasp today as you read about the BluePrint:

  1. Whether you are an employer, nonprofit executive, involved in education, criminal court, early childhood, senior programs or anything in between, if food security is not on your radar you will not succeed at a high level.
  2. The fact is you can’t create food security without us, the FBCM and our network.

The BluePrint to Solve Hunger in Michigan encourages you to partner with us, the Food Bank Council of Michigan, and our network of professionals. When you do, your effectiveness will rise, your success measurements swell and your desire to make a long-term, lasting difference will be satisfied.