Did you know that milk and dairy remain one of the most requested items at approximately 3,000 pantries in Michigan? Yet, dairy only comprises 5.7% of products received at the food banks.

Three daily servings of dairy helps ensure children and families get vital nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin D, B-vitamins and protein. Michigan’s seven regional food banks that supply area pantries purchase local, Michigan-based milk and dairy products. A $10 donation will provide 90 servings of fresh Michigan milk. A $25 donation will provide over 133 servings of cheese.

They’re young children who relied on their schools to provide at least two meals a day. They’re laid off workers who don’t know how they’ll pay their bills let alone feed themselves. They’re vulnerable seniors staying indoors to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus.

They’re Michiganders, and they need your help now!

They’re your friend, your neighbor, your family.

Give today to help feed Michigan.