Michigan Harvest Gathering Welcomes Chartwells K-12

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As Michigan Harvest Gathering celebrates its 25th Anniversary, Food Bank Council of Michigan welcomes a new statewide employee giving partner. Chartwells K-12 operates in 151 school districts throughout the state, with a focus on preparing nutritious food for children.

“Partnering with the Michigan Harvest Gathering is a natural fit for Chartwells,” said Brian Casey, Great Lakes Regional Vice President of Chartwells K-12. “Our employees see firsthand how important proper nutrition is for children to perform at school. Knowing that there are children who can’t always rely on a meal at home is heartbreaking. Our employees are committed to making a difference.”

At present, hunger is an issue for 20% of Michigan’s children. Michigan food banks step in to fill a gap when a family is not able to make ends meet on its own. With many families struggling with underemployment, high medical costs, and energy bills, the budget for food often suffers. This can produce terrible outcomes on a child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Food Banks throughout the state provide solutions, including mobile produce pantries, and back pack programs, in which school children are sent home from school with food to help keep them nourished in the evening and on weekends.

Michigan Harvest Gathering has been a source of hope and light, supporting each of Michigan’s regional food banks and all 83 counties of the state, for 25 years. This statewide food and fund drive provides resources to make sure that food banks can continue to support the nutritional needs of their communities.

“Food Bank Council of Michigan is honored to welcome Chartwells K-12. They understand how important it is that we extinguish hunger in Michigan communities,” said Dr. Phillip Knight, Executive Director of Food Bank Council of Michigan. “By removing hunger, we give children an opportunity to focus their attention on learning and growing.”

Chartwells K-12 Employees will be giving through December 15, 2015.

Make your donation online HERE.

To inquire about setting up an employee giving campaign, call Jenelle at 517-485-1202.