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Beacon of Light Award

bea-con \ˈbē-kən\ n. A source of guidance or inspiration

The Michigan Harvest Gathering is upon us. 

Food Bank Council of Michigan encourages your food bank to choose ONE recipient for this year’s a Beacon of Light Award.

Beacon of Light award winners will be recognized at the annual Hunger-Free Michigan Awards Ceremony on November 30, 2021 at Eastern Market, Shed 5.

An award recipient is a/an:

  • volunteer
  • impressive agency
  • special donor
  • media outlet
  • elected official
  • community leader

The award recipient that you choose will receive:

  • A letter from Food Bank Council of Michigan explaining that they have been chosen to receive an award
  • Recognition from FBCM social media, a press release, website, and other communications
  • Recognition and award at the 2019 Michigan Harvest Gathering Luncheon
Note to Food Bank Executives:  Each food bank President/CEO will be invited to the stage to make a brief statement (1-2 minutes) about the recipient their food bank has chosen, invite them to the stage, and give the award.  Feel free to tug on the heart strings of our guests.  Although the tickets will be free to this event, guests will be invited to leave a donation at the end of the event.

Nominations are due by Friday, Oct. 29, 2021

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