Governor’s Food Security Council

Tuesday October 27, 2020

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Via Microsoft Teams Meeting Minutes

Minutes (Subject to FSC Approval)

Members Present via Microsoft Teams:  Dr. Phillip Knight (chair), Lewis Roubal (vice-chair), Amy Baker, Patrice Brown, Alex Canepa, Kim Edsenga, Juan Escareno, Diana Marin, Dawn Medley, Dr. Delicia Pruitt, Todd Regis, Tammy Rosa, Michelle Schulte, Laurie Solotorow, Wade Syers, Pam Yager, Diane Golzynski, Jamie Zmitko-Somers

Non-voting Members Present: Brianna Egan (on behalf of Senator Winnie Brinks), Alyssa Hengesbach (on behalf of Senator Kevin Daley)

Members Absent:

Non-voting Members Absent: Representative Pauline Wendzel and Representative Angela Witwer

Members via Teleconference: Kenneth Nobis

Public Comment: No public comment presented at this meeting.

  • Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Phillip Knight, Chairman of Food Security Council
    • Meeting called to order at 1:02 p.m.
  • Approval of 10-13-20 minutes and 10-27-20 agendaLewis Roubal, Vice-Chair of Food Security Council
    • Motion by Delicia Pruitt to approve 10-13-20 FSC meeting minutes and the

10-27-20 agenda supported by Todd Regis. Motion unanimously carried.


  • Review draft of Initial Food Security Council Report – Dr. Dawn Opel
    • Dawn Opel reviewed the Initial FSC Report in page segments, receiving feedback from the FSC members. At the end of each page segment, the FSC voted on the adopted adjustments.
    • Todd Regis motioned to accept amended pages 1-4 and was supported by Dr. Delicia Pruitt.


  • Summary of Recommendations:
    • Food Supply
      • Diana Marin suggested that we add in logistical and cultural appropriate messaging. Todd Regis and Juan Escareno supported the suggestion.
        • Culturally diverse messaging for basic health codes posted in the workplace.
      • Todd Regis emphasized we must make sure that PPE for essential workers is a priority. We must make them accessible. Numerous outbreaks were caused in food supply chains due to lack of PPE.
      • Dawn Medley discussed that there were a number of people who lost their housing and when they received a USDA food box, there was no way to cook the food. She suggested of a recommendation of ‘more safe distribution of hot meals for those who are homeless.’ Restaurants stay open to cook hot meals in turn keeping people employed and feeding people.
      • Diana Marin supported Dawn’s recommendation – “create a state-wide program that engages restaurants and their workforce to prepare ready-made meals to distribute to vulnerable populations”
    • Addressing the need
      • No adopted adjustments
    • Collaboration and Infrastructure for Food and Nutrition Programs
      • Patrice Brown suggested that we develop a data sharing and technology protocol.
    • Michelle Schulte motioned to accept Page 5 as amended and supported by Dr. Delicia Pruitt.


  • Background:
    • Diana Marin suggests a footnote that 50% of FI are working.
    • Phil Knight suggests we incorporate a FI map earlier in the document.
  • Patrice Brown motioned to accept pages 6 and 7 as amended and Michelle Schulte supported.


  • Key Findings:
    • There were minor suggestions in content changes.
  • Patrice Brown motioned to accept pages 8 -15 as amended supported by Steffany Muirhead.


  • Recommendations:
    • Wade Syers suggested that Recommendation 1 should include the verbiage to increase assuredness / preparedness recommendation for food storage.
    • Diana Marin suggested to include in lieu of sick leave policies in Recommendation 3.
    • In the reviewing of Recommendations 5 – 9; Wade Syers asked if we are able to leverage Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB). Future enhancements to be explored to leverage this program.
    • Jamie Zmitko-Somers discussed that there be broader inclusivity of any new programs that could come online due to pandemic or emergency within Recommendation 5.
    • Michelle Schulte shared that the language for Recommendations 11 and 12 should include collaboration/consultation/communication with Federally Recognized Tribes (FRT).
  • Todd Regis motioned to accept pages 16-21 as amended supported by Patrice Brown.


  • New Business
    • Workgroup interest form and creation of working groups
    • Phil Knight discussed brief thoughts surrounding the workgroups and will outline in an upcoming email.
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:13 p.m.
  • Important Dates for FSC Members:

    Initial Report: due 11/7/2020.