Governor’s Food Security Council

Tuesday December 8, 2020

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Via Zoom

Minutes (Subject to FSC Approval)

Members Present via Microsoft Teams:  Dr. Phillip Knight (chair), Lewis Roubal (vice-chair), Amy Baker, Patrice Brown, Alex Canepa, Kim Edsenga, Juan Escareno, Diana Marin, Dawn Medley, Ken Nobis, Dr. Delicia Pruitt, Todd Regis, Tammy Rosa, Michelle Schulte, Laurie Solotorow, Wade Syers, Pam Yager, Diane Golzynski, Jamie Zmitko-Somers

Non-voting Members Present: Brianna Egan (on behalf of Senator Winnie Brinks), Senator Kevin Daley

Members Absent:

Non-voting Members Absent: Representative Pauline Wendzel and Representative Angela Witwer

Members via Teleconference:

Public Comment: No public comment presented at this meeting.

  • Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Phillip Knight, Chairman of Food Security Council
    • Meeting called to order at 1:01 p.m.
  • Approval of 10-27-20 minutes and 12-8-20 agendaLewis Roubal, Vice-Chair of Food Security Council
    • Motion by Michelle Schulte to approve 10-27-20 FSC meeting minutes and the

12-8-20 agenda supported by Laurie Solotorow. Motion unanimously carried.


  • Update on Initial Report – Dr. Phillip Knight
    • Phillip Knight shared the update on the FSC report which has not yet been released by the EOG.
    • Phillip Knight shared Lt. Governor Gilchrist’s initial response to the FSC Initial Report via video message.


  • Update on Schedule for 2021 FSC and FSC Workgroup Meetings—Lew Roubal
  • Workgroup Progress Reports
    • Food Supply/Systems—Co-Chairs: Todd Regis and Jamie Somers-Zmitko
      • Members: Amy Baker, Ken Nobis, Wade Syers and Kath Clark
    • Jamie Somers-Zmitko discussed the panic buying and MDARD’s methodology behind the messaging and how the workgroup will triangulate this with their recommendations and findings.
      • MDARD is working with other Midwest states and creating cohesive messaging on food supply and not to panic buy.
      • Messaging around certain types of products (WIC especially, to limit so mothers are able to purchase what they NEED).


  • Policies – Co-Chairs: Kim Edsenga and Lew Roubal
    • Member: Anna Almanza
    • Lew Roubal shared the workgroup’s goals:
      • How to meaningfully policy review.
      • State by state analysis of food security policies.
      • What are the high value policy investments and the ROI?
      • Provide recommendations of enhancements and /or policies to improve FS in the state.
    • Special Populations – Co-Chairs: Diana Marin and Tammy Rosa
      • Member: Dawn Medley
      • Diana Marin shared that they are in the midst of their goals and obtaining at-large members.
      • Who to focus on:
        • Aging 65 and older
        • Disabilities
        • Children
        • Immigrants / non-citizens
        • Food workers
        • Rural community
        • Native Americans / Indigenous
          • Michelle Schulte volunteered to be of service in whatever capacity is needed.


  • Racial Disparities – Co-Chairs: Alex Canepa and Patrice Brown
    • Member: Dr. Diane Golzynski
    • Patrice Brown shared that they will be sharing their goals in the January meeting; their workgroup will have a strong focus in rooting out systematic racism in food – a place where no one should be
  • Alex Canepa also shared an area of focus being ‘who doesn’t have access to the food that they want and need? As well as, ‘who doesn’t have the opportunity to be a farmer that wants to be?


  • Healthcare – Co-Chairs: Laurie Solotorow and Pam Yager
    • Subgroup: Dr. Delicia Pruitt and Dr. Dawn Opel
  • Considering at-large members from MDHHS, MHA, and the Primary Care Association.
  • Laurie Solotorow shared the following goals:
    • Take a deeper dive into the correlation between health and food insecurity
      • Data gathering
    • Review and assess evidence-based programs that connect food to health
      • What’s out there? And, what’s working?
    • Data to support the 1115 waiver for reimbursement for food interventions
  • Framework around FS and healthcare as there is a lot of data around this.
  • Framework for higher level of policy work.


  • Client Perspectives – Co-Chairs: Lew Roubal and Michelle Schulte
    • Member: Anna Almanza
    • Lew Roubal shared their goals:
      • Engage individuals who are experiencing FS and agencies
      • Identify those who are under resourced
      • Identify barriers that are preventing access to FS
      • Develop implantable solutions for others to move forward with
    • Lew Roubal and Michelle Schulte discussed that they working on obtaining a wide swath of at-large members (identified, but have not been invited yet)


  • New Business
    • Phil Knight discussed the process over the next few months and shared the following presenters:
      • January: Renee Canady and Marijata Daniel-Echols, Coronavirus Task Force on Race Disparities
      • February: Stacy Dean, vice president for Food Assistance Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


  • Review of next steps and action items
    • Establish monthly meeting dates for FSC workgroups.
    • Complete progress report forms to Google Drive folders on the Friday before each full FSC meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.