Governor’s Food Security Council

Tuesday September 1, 2020
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Via Microsoft Teams Meeting

Meeting minutes approved.

Members Present via Microsoft Teams:  Dr. Phillip Knight (chair), Lewis Roubal (vice-chair), Amy Baker, Patrice Brown, Alex Canepa, Kim Edsenga, Diana Marin, Dr. Delicia Pruitt, Todd Regis, Tammy Rosa, Dawn Medley, Michelle Schulte, Laurie Solotorow, Wade Syers, Pam Yager, Diane Golzynski, Jamie Zmito-Somers, and Stephanie Murihead (on behalf of Kim Trent)

Non-voting members: Senator Winnie Brinks, Representative Pauline Wendzel, Alyssa Hengesbach (on behalf of Senator Kevin Daley), and Chelsea Fraley (on behalf of Representative Angela Witwer)

Members Absent: N/A

Members via Teleconference: Kenneth Nobis and Juan Escareno

Public Comment: No public comment at this meeting.

  • Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Phillip Knight, Chairman of Food Security Council
    • Meeting called to order at 1:05 p.m.


  • Web-Based Meeting Procedures – Dr. Phillip Knight
    • Dr. Knight encouraged the use of MS Teams for FSC members for meaningful participation in future meetings.


  • Introduction of Appointees – Dr. Phillip Knight

Brief self-introduction of each appointee:

      • Amy Baker: quality management director at Peterson Farms, focuses strongly on compliance and food safety.
      • Patrice Brown: food access manager for Eastern Market and the Treasurer of Michigan Farmers Market Association.
      • Alex Canepa: state policy manager for the Fair Food Network.
      • Kim Edsenga: senior counsel and director of compliance for Meijer, Inc. Focuses on the legal side of pharmacy, operations and corporate compliance.
      • Juan Escareno: director of government and community relations for the Midwest Independent Retailers Association.
      • Diana Marin: supervising attorney for farmworkers and immigrant workers rights at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC).
      • Dawn Medley: associate vice president of enrollment management and the chief enrollment officer at Wayne State University. Strong engagement with students who are food insecure.
      • Ken Nobis: co-owner and operator of Nobis Dairy Farms, a senior advisor and former president of the Michigan Milk Producers Association, and a current member of the Michigan Dairy Marketing Program Committee. Large role in the milk and cheese donations for the food bank network.
      • Delicia Pruitt: medical director of the Saginaw County Health Department. She is a strong advocate for improved health for residents and food deserts.
      • Todd Regis: vice president and director of legislative and community affairs for UFCW Local 951 and the director of their foundation.
      • Tammy Rosa: nutrition program quality assurance specialist and caregiver programs manager for the Upper Peninsula Area Agency on Aging for 13 years.
      • Michelle Schulte: program director for the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITCMI).
      • Laurie Solotorow: director of the Michigan Health Endowment Fund Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles Program.
      • Wade Syers: food safety educator for Michigan State University Extension.
      • Stephanie Murihead (on behalf of Kim Trent- designee of LEO)
      • Pam Yager: social mission manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
      • Diane Golzynski (designee of MDE): State child nutrition director at MDE. She is responsible for everything other than WIC and SNAP.
      • Jamie Zmitko-Somers (designee of MDARD): acting deputy director and has a strong focus in commodity groups and grants.
      • Senator Winnie Brinks: serves Senate District 29. Grew up on a third-generation dairy farm and has a strong focus on food security issues.
      • Representative Pauline Wendzel: serves Representative District 79.
      • Alyssa Hengesbach (on behalf of Senator Kevin Daley): serves Senate District 31 and sits on the Senate Committee on Agriculture.
      • Chelsea Fraley (on behalf of Representative Angela Witwer): serves Representative District 71 and is on the Health Policy and Agricultural Committees.


  • Consideration of Motions – Dr. Phillip Knight
    • Motion by Dr. Phillip Knight to name Lewis Roubal the vice-chair of the FSC which was seconded by Alex Canepa. Motion unanimously carried.
    • Motion by Dr. Phillip Knight to approval proposed meeting schedule (Tuesdays, 9/15, 9/29, 10/13, 10/27, 1:00-3:00 p.m.) which was seconded by Todd Regis. Motion unanimously carried.
    • Motion by Dr. Phillip Knight to approve themes for next three meetings and tentative expert testimony schedule based on feedback from FSC, which was seconded by Lewis Roubal. Motion unanimously carried.
    • Motion by Dr. Phillip Knight to approve the public comment procedure, to be listed on all public notices of the FSC, which was seconded by Lewis Roubal. Motion unanimously carried.


  • Charge of Council –Dr. Phillip Knight
    • Knight read the charge of the Council from the Governor’s EO 2020-167 “Food Security Council.”
    • Knight explained the web-based form process for which the Food Security Council is to submit ideas for presentations and materials.


  • Process for Advisory Workgroup and Stakeholder Roundtable Creation – Dr. Phillip Knight
    • Dr. Knight explained that workgroups and create stakeholder roundtables will also be formed from suggested participants listed on the web form by FSC members.
  • Next Meeting
    • Tuesday, September 15 at 1:00 p.m. via MS Teams.


  • Meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.