Michigan Harvest Gathering Kicks Off Around the State


Cynthia Schuette, Attorney General Bill Schuette, and Food Bank Council of Michigan have been busy the last couple of weeks spreading the news about the 25th annual Michigan Harvest Gathering at Kickoff events around the state. In 1991, Cynthia Schuette envisioned Michigan Harvest Gathering as a way to engage the whole state in hunger relief…

Dr. Knight Shares Vision of Statewide Food Security

Dr Phil Knight

Consider the words attributed to St. Francis, “Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and soon you will be doing the impossible.” I am convinced that we have given hunger too much credit for being unstoppable. We have allowed its bravado, its size and scope to convince us we can’t beat it….

Pouring a Glass of Milk for the Hungry


Pouring a Glass of Milk for the Hungry: MMPA Donates Approximately 22,700 Gallons of Milk to Michigan Food Banks Every year, more than 1.7 million Michiganders – including 20 percent of Michigan children – rely on food banks. And milk is one of the most requested food items. But on average, food banks are only…

FBCM Thanks Verizon Foundation for the New Look

Ben Reed and Attorney General

Food Bank Council of Michigan (FBCM) has made important technological progress in support of their mission, with generous support from the Verizon Foundation. A grant from Verizon made it possible for FBCM to invest in important communication tools that support a statewide hunger relief network. Technological improvements include a new website, which through image and…

Food Bank Council of Michigan Welcomes Dr. Phillip Knight as Its Executive Director

Phillip Knight

Lansing, Mich.- Food Bank Council of Michigan’s (FBCM) Board of Directors have selected Dr. Phillip Knight as FBCM’s new Executive Director. Dr. Knight comes to FBCM from Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Michigan Capital Region, where he was instrumental in providing leadership that resulted in increased organizational collaboration, the implementation of successful fund development strategies, and…

Springtime: Cultivating Our Produce Programs

farm Boy with peppers

Although it doesn’t feel like it now, we know that spring is right around the corner. We will wake up one day and the sun will have melted most of the snow, leaving only steadfast patches of ice hanging on for the last of the winter season. The ground will be soggy and we’ll hear…